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India tour of South Africa, 3rd Test: South Africa v India at Cape Town, Jan 2-6, 2011

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Harbhajan has just played the shot of the match. Of the series. Of the South African summer. Length ball on middle and off, Harbhajan doesn't bother with trifles like foot work. He stays back and drills the bat down in one, smooth, devastating swing. And makes fearsome contact. And then he holds his pose. The ball sails easily over long on. Harbhajan has a wry smile on his face. Business as usual. He hardly strained a muscle and sent the world's top fast bowler packing over long on. On a day when he has bowled the spell of the series. This Test match continues to throw up some utterly unbelievable moments.

Hint of away shape from outside off, Harrbhajan was on the back foot looking to smear that out of Cape Town, but missed it by a mile and a week.

That six brought up 2000 runs for Harbhajan in Tests. Can't think of a more stylish way to bring up a milestone.

Kallis thinks batting will stay tough and that "working hard on defensive technique" will be the key. At this stage of the game, he thinks South Africa hold the advantage. "We are still in a very strong position; a little bit ahead of the game, having the runs on the board," but wisely acknowledges "that can change very quickly." Day three is going to be a turning point in the match, one Kallis will be have to be content with watching from the dressing room.

Day 3 - Session 3

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